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To:Professor Kevin Morrison,James B. Duke FellowDepartment of Political ScienceDuke UniversityDurham, north Carolina 27702
From: Fahim A. KnightDurham, NC (Originally Published in 2001)

Dear Professor Morrison:

This letter is a response to your article titled, "TRADE BARRIERSWORK TO KEEP DEVELOPING COUNTRIES DOWN" that appeared in the DurhamHerald-Sun on November 10, 2001. However, there was a sizable amountof your data that I agreed with, but like most white scholars of western academia you all often negate to analyze the historical events that helped shape the present political and economic reality that exist in the so-called developing nations. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad once stated that it is history that builds the springs and motives of human action (Reference: Elijah Muhammad, "Message to the Blackman in America").

If we looked at the continent of Africa, it is the scholar responsibility to analyze the effect that European Colonialism had on the political, economic, and social systems in Africa (Reference: Frantz Fanon, "The Wretched of the Earth"). Moreover, in particular, the Berlin Conference held in 1884 and 1885, in which the Europeans partitioned Africa and ulimately destroyed the cultural unity of people by dividing kinfolk who shared ethnicity, nationality,language, culture, religion, trade, mores, folkways, customs, etc. However, King Leopold carved Africa in to tiny nation states, robbing Africa of past and future economic and political stability due to these unnatural divisions ( Reference: Cheik Anta Diop, "Black Africa: The Economic and Culture Basis for a FederatedState") and also (Reference: Walter Rodney, " How Europe Under Developed Africa").

In 1493 the Treaty of Tordisselles was signed between Spain and Portugal, laying out a plan by which to divide the entire world between two European Nations; in addition, Bishop Bartholomew Las Casas and Pope Alexander Vl working in the name of the Catholic Church some twenty (20) years later actually divided the entire world between Spain and Portugal under the Papal Bull of Demarcation (Reference: Richard Roscoe Miller, " Slavery and Catholicism"). This was animaginary line drawing by the two (2) said European nations that gave Spain the so-called "New Word Territories" with the exception to Brazil and Portugal was given the so-called "Old World Territories" which included Brazil. Both White nations had an objective to colonize the darker people of the earth ( Reference:John Henrik Clarke, "Christopher Columbus and the African Holocaust"). This was historical arrogrance on be-half of the Europeans, which created the present day economic and politicalcrisis that exist in the so-called developing nations.

Sir, your article did not analyze nor address international racism, colonalism, imperialism, etc., and European nations responsiblity toward Reparations and most of all DEBT FORGIVENESS for all Developing Nations because of the historical atrocites that were committed against so-called people of color (Reference: Jeffrey M.Elliot, "Fidel Castro: Nothing Can Stop the Course of History"). There was a historical crime committed against developing nations and the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND and the WORLD BANK have always loaned these nations montary capital, with heavy conditions such as unbearable high interest rates and tying the developing nations land and natural resources to loans as coditions of collateral. Moreover, forcing developing nations to establish long term commodity contracts with blood sucking capitialist western trading companies like ConAgra (Who was the top sponsor of this years 2002 Big East Basketball tournament), Archer Daniels Midland, Louis Dreyfus, Tate & Lyle, etc.
Europeans have never been interested in the humanity of developing nations, but they have always used these so-called international aid packages to maintain status quo, which often meant disregarding the legitimate political and economic aspirations of the oppressed masses, but the Power Brokers have always given unconditional support to despots, tyrants, dictators, traitors, monarchs, etc., in order to continuing receiving access to developing nations resources ( Reference: Mark Rich: "Metal Men and th 10-Billion Dollar Scam).

The United StatesGovernment in the 1950's backed Shah Muhammad Reza Pahlavi of Iran; although the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) knew that he was unredeemable and corrupted to the core ( Reference: Ralph W. McGhee, "Deadly Deceits: My Twenty Five Years in the CIA"), the seven oil sisters (Exxon, Royal Dutch Shell, Standard Oil, Mobile, British Petroleum, Gulf and Texaco) were more interested in capitialism ( Reference: Russell S. Bowen, : The Immaculate Deception: The Bush Crime Family Exposed"), than the long term negative economic effects this political arrangement would have on the Iranian economy ( Reference: James M. Day, "What Every AmericanShould Know about The Mid East and Oil"). It has always been capitalist interest that shapes the United States Foreign Policy

In 1979, the exiled and theocratic led Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini who after spending seventeen (17) living in exile spear headed the Iranian Islamic Revolution that overthrew the reactionary government of Shah Muhammad Reza Pahlavi; thereafter, nationalizing this oil rich ecomony. In 1979 the United States Government and the CIA work to create political tension and boarder disputes in the Persian Gulf region between Iran and Iraq; thus, isolating governments who once shared friendly normalized relations and causing and instigating economic strife within these two so-called developing nations. The CIA manipulated and instigated the old historical ethnic differences between the Persian and Arab peoples, with an objective to divide and conquer. The United States Government and Europe as supposed to supporting the Iranian Islamic Revolution, they opposed it by mandating that the United Nations move toward imposing unjust embargoes and economic trade sanctions against the nation of Iran (Reference: Terrance Jackson, "Putting It All Together: World Conquest, GlobalGenocide and African Liberation").

Then the the United States Government propped up Saddam Hussein of Iraq and used U.S. tax money to finance a seven-year (1979-1986) war against Iran, all in the NAME OF OIL (Reference RichardNixon, "Seize The Moment: America's Challenge In A One SuperpowerWorld"). These are the historical and present day barriers that developing nations are continually faced with. The United States Government would also witness Saddam Hussein betray the interest of the west. It did not matter to the United States that Iraq had an outstanding international debt of $80 billion dollars USD and AmnestyInternational had issued reports accusing the Hussein's regime of serious human rights violations, in which the United States was fully aware. The West miltarial armed and trained the Iraqi military with United States tax dollars because Hussein was forwarding USA oil interest in Iran. This war was never about Sunni Islam verse Shia Islam; it was about economic control over oil and the West had no interest in the poor in either country (Reference: Ali NawazMemon, "The Islamic Nation: Status and Future of Muslims in the NewWorld Order").

The United States Government is now repeating this history by sending aid to a ruthless military dictator in Pakistan in order that the West can control opium (heroin- dope) plantations in Afghanistan (Reference: John Coleman, "Conspirators Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300") and position themselves to access untapped oil in the Black Sea. Professor Morrison you referred to September 11, 2001 as the beginning of the war on terrorism. How could this be? You are an intellectual, what scientific data or emperical reports that theUnited States State Department have shared with you, which has led to free thinking Duke University professor to draw such an undocumented conclusion? How can the United States Government fight a war against terrorism, when in fact what led to the destruction of United States citizen lives and property on September 11, 2001 was an idea? Theidea is shrouded in so-called Islamic fundamentalism, but the root of this type activism is that individuals want a direct confrontation with the world power elite, that inner, inner circle who has oppressed humanity for centuries such as : Edgar M.Bronfman, Harry Oppenheimer, Lord Peter Carrington, King Juan Carlos, Karl Von Habsburg, Rockfeller Family, Giovanni Agnelli, Rupert Murdoch. Heinrich Von Pierer, George Soros, Prince Berhard, etc., (Reference: Texe Marrs, "Circle of Intrigue: The Hidden Circle of the Global Illuminati Conspiracy"). These individuals and their elitist famlies are the true barriers that hinder trade equity, inparticular when it comes to so-called developing nations. I challenge the scholors to do their home work and prove me wrong.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was not established to assist Mexico, a so-called developing nation, but to lead to greater exploitation of the Mexican people resources (petroleum and labor) for the Unitred States and Canada. The original G-7 Nations and the European Common Market were established to strengthen European Nationalism and systematically provide Europe greater access to developing nations markets. The mass mediums of both electronic and print, are often used to shape public opinion and public thought and force the masses to never recognize the antagonistic contradictions (between the "haves" and the "have nots") that exist in society (Reference: Gary Allen. " None Dare Call it Conspiracy").

Mr. Morrison you stated, " Many poor countries are not receiving thebenefits of difficult economic reform because of significant barriers to their goods in wealthy countries. For example, tariffs in wealthy countries on goods from developing countries are four times higher than on goods from other rich countries". This is veryinsignificant issue because what is truly crippling developing nations are foreign debts, that is owed to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and these nations inability to meet the lenders terms.
In conclusion, I hope that this brief discource will assist you in better understanding the historical complexities that help to create trade barriers for developing nations and just do not loosely throwout cute statistical analysis without the benefit of giving the public a historical overview. Here are the solutions to solving poverty, education, and trade barriers in developing nations.

1). There must be a redistribution of the world's wealth, as oppossed to ten percent (10%) of the population unequally controlling ninety percent (90%) of the worlds wealth, it must beequally distributed with the masses of humanity.

2). The United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, United States of America, Belgium, etc., should be forced by the World Court in Hague, Netherlands to pay international reparations to all nations and peoples who were victims of European Imperialism.

3). The United Nations should mandate that all European Ports establish free trade zones and allow developing nations goods to pass through unmolested.

4). The international debt owed to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank should be cancelled under a debt forgiveness initiative mandated by the United Nations.

5). Western Governments should no longer instigate nor engage themselves in the political and economic internal affairs of sovereign nations and allow that nation to choose the form ofgovernment that is best suited for their nation. Fahim A. Knight can be reached by email at and Iwelcome all responses.


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